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Gilda Caudron
The TRAVEL Copywriting Queen
                          "Creating Travel Copy that Rules”

As anyone who works in the travel industry knows, promotional copy plays a big part in selling someone a travel dream. Beautiful photos lure the customer, but the right combination of words is what has the customer reaching for his wallet. Price sometimes doesn’t even figure into it. If the dream is beautiful enough, the customer will buy it regardless of what it costs.

Is your promotional copywriting on target? Do your travel brochures, articles, travel guides, flyers, web content, and red-hot direct sales letters have that zing, that punch or that sizzle that has the customer burning to visit or make an immediate reservation or booking? Are your sales down because your copy is?
Let’s face it-selling travel can be a complex business. The travel business has changed dramatically since the introduction of the first personal computers.  The Internet has effectively revolutionized the  travel industry forever and the rules of the game have changed. 

Copy, more than ever, is crucial to your travel business if you are to succeed in the new travel world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn the copywriting aspect of your travel business over to a seasoned copywriting professional who is not only a copywriter, but also a travel agent?

Someone who not only knows the travel industry from the point of view of a professional travel consultant, but who also knows how to turn out travel copy that sells, and keeps on selling and just doesn’t sit there like a canceled reservation?
Hello! My name is Gilda Caudron, and since 1997 I have been a tour operator, specializing in Washington, DC as well as a travel agent booking reservations worldwide ( I have created tours that have been featured in over some 100 magazines and newspapers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and generated discussions on the BBC radio.
As a professional travel consultant I have created powerful promotional copy and marketing-communications for internet distribution and hard copy dissemination for both the travel and hospitality industries.

By using strong, effective techniques that combine the psychology of "how to sell travel" along with the building blocks of professional copywriters, the work I deliver can make a tremendous difference to your company. No matter what niche market you occupy in the travel and hospitality industries listed below, our services can make a dramatic difference to your company in terms of promoting your business effectively.
Airlines • Car Rentals • Convention and Visitors Centers • Cruise Lines • Hotels • Motels • Restaurants • Resorts • Spas • Travel Agencies • Travel Newsletters • Travel-related sites of any kind

Put into action today the power of the written word for your business. Increase your client base, discover things  that your clients always want to read about, and learn how to motivate them to keep using your company over and over again.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for all  your copywriting needs and committed to helping you develop a genuine rapport with your clients that puts you light-years ahead of the competition

When it comes to writing travel copy, look no further than Gilda Caudron, the TRAVEL Copywriting Queen, for copy that rules!


"People don't want to be "marketed TO"; they want to be "communicated WITH." - Flint McGlaughlin

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